Wandgestaltung mit Tapete: Motive mit frühzeitlichen Wandgemälden
Raumgestaltung (Symbol)

A space is defined first and foremost by its separation from the vast expanse of the world around it. Without walls, no rooms would exist. Symbolizing both strength and security, they provide protection from the elements and support the ceiling, the roof, and often other floors above us. As the largest visual spaces in each room, walls require extra design attention. Any change to their physical surface dramatically influences a room’s temperature and atmosphere.

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Our wall treatments integrate your room’s aesthetic and technical demands. Which colors, patterns, and textures are the right choice for you and your space? We provide design solutions for heat insulation, acoustic, and environmental sustainability concerns. We offer highly pigmented paints from carbon-neutral production facilities, a wide selection of exclusive wallpapers, and can even cover your walls with fabric — natural, elegant, extravagant.

Beautiful walls are an essential element of an harmonious interior design. We’re happy to support you in conceptualizing entire spaces and apartments.

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Wandgestaltung: Sideboard vor einer Tapete von Chivasso
Wandgestaltung: Kissen und Tapeten mit Vogel Motiven JAB
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