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The things we surround ourselves with are more than mere utilitarian objects. They remind us of specific places, special people, and amazing experiences, and thus are often irreplaceable. Beloved furniture immediately fills a space with personality, each piece carrying an individual charisma. Incorporating older or antique pieces of furniture into modern designs honors the artistic and creative skills of craftspeople of the past.

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Polsteratelier: Sessel mit Stoff von Warwick

In our master workshop, we will reupholster your family heirloom, beloved armchair, or vintage find, respecting traditional methods of construction or using modern materials as you prefer. We offer a selection of upholstery fabrics that will ensure your furnishings have both a long future as well as take the pride of place in your home that they truly deserve. This investment preserves the value of these objects as well as the skilled artisanry embodied in their construction, thereby contributing to a more sustainable world.

Furnishings are an important component of any harmonious room design. We would be happy to assist you in designing entire rooms or apartments.

Sofa und Kissen mit JAB Stoffen gepolstert
Polsteratelier: Sessel mit Stoff von Warwick
Polsteratelier: Sofa und Kissen JAB
Polsteratelier: Sessel mit Polsterstoffen von JAB
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