Vorhänge und Holz im Esszimmer
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Windows open our spaces to the outdoors, allowing our gaze to wander. They invite in both sunlight and moonbeams, the vast expanse of the sky and all its moods, the greenery of trees, and the buzz of life beyond our own four walls. Yet at times the glare and heat of the midday sun are too intense. Other times demand privacy from the prying eyes of the outside world.

Window treatments that meet your and your room’s specific needs for light control and privacy fulfill both an essential and decorative function.

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Select from a vast assortment of colors and patterns, in traditional drapery styles, modern panels, or simple sheers. We also offer Roman shades and Venetian or vertical blinds in exclusive materials such as wood. Anything you desire can be created to your exact specifications in our workshop.

Curtains, blinds, and shades are just one element of an harmonious room design. We would be happy to support you in designing a complete room or an entire apartment.

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